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Why I Pursued a Career in Family Law - Nicole Negron, Esq.

Why Nicole E. Negron, Managing Associate at Claery & Green, is passionate about family law.

Working with clients is the most rewarding aspect of family law and one of the many reasons why I pursued a career in family law. I believe the client should be the center of the case. I enjoy working with a client from beginning to end, helping them with each crucial step of their case. Additionally, due to the high number of divorces every year, I believe that I can make a difference in how these divorces are handled. Claery & Green’s goal of providing assistance through collaborative divorce is just one of the many ways to assist spouses. While I enjoy working in the courtroom, I also believe that some cases are best handled without litigation. Finally, I have a strong passion for representing children and their best interests. During a divorce, a child’s interests are often put aside and the focus is placed on the parents. I enjoy helping children be heard and representing them during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Nicole Negron
Attorney at Law
Claery & Green, LLP

Categories: Family Law