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How the Court Deals with Controlling Spouses in Divorce Cases

Are you in a marriage where your spouse is excessively controlling? If you are divorcing from an oppressive husband or wife, you may be hoping that the court will recognize your suffering and as a result will reward you with more property or with alimony as a part of the settlement. According to a recent article posted on The Huffington Post, the court does not have any responsibility in negotiating a divorce fairly based on whether or not one spouse is controlling.

A common argument in divorce court is that one spouse would have taken a job outside of the home or would have been able to make more money by working more hours if a spouse had not deliberately commanded that the other spouse avoid doing this. As a result, the allegedly oppressed husband or wife may claim that he or she deserves the bulk of the property or a large financial settlement at the end of the divorce. The court will argue that no one forced the couple to get married in the first place, and that the two individuals who are now getting a divorce chose to be together.

Many times the court will declare that because the couple chose to get married, they will need to suffer the consequences of that marriage, even if it means that one spouse was not able to maximize his or her potential to earn money as a result. After the divorce, both spouses will be free to pursue the careers that they wanted originally, and will be able to avoid the controlling nature of their significant other. Don't try to renegotiate a divorce settlement based on aspects of your spouse's character. Talk to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer at Claery & Green if you need more information!