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North Carolina Lawmakers Consider Making Divorce More Difficult

In the state of North Carolina, lawmakers have recently looked at current divorce laws and considered making the process a little tougher for those that want to untie the knot. If adopted, the new proposal by some North Carolina politicians would make it impossible for a couple to divorce until they had completed a two year waiting period. Lawmakers believe that this could diminish the number of frivolous and impulsive divorce filings in the state.

Three North Carolina state senators introduced this option last week at a meeting. They are calling the proposal the "Healthy Marriage Act." In North Carolina, married couples already need to wait an entire year to finalize their divorce. This new act would double the waiting period. During those two years, couples would not be required to live apart, providing more opportunity for marriages to be resolved. As well, the new bill should mandate that all couples participate in workshops on communication and conflict-resolution before they are able to finalize the divorce.

The two-year time limit would commence as soon as one party in the marriage files the written notice of intent to file for divorce. Because the law would make divorce so much more difficult, the North Carolina senators believe that it may be able to reduce the amount of splits in the states. As divorce becomes a growing and natural trend all throughout the United States, more government agencies are determining whether or not they should make it harder for the process to take place.

When divorce is easy, it encourages spouses to marry recklessly and undo their decision in the future with an expedited process. North Carolinians would want to carefully consider choosing a spouse if this was the process that was a head of them. As well, if the couple has a child they would need to complete a course of at least four hours about how their decision would affect their young one. If you want more information, contact a Los Angeles divorce attorney at Cleary & Green. Thankfully, the California divorce process can often be completed in a shorter amount of time, and having a hardworking attorney on your side may expedite the process even more.

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