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Supervised Visitation in California

Are you going to be participating in supervised visitation? If so, then there are some important things that you need to know. Chances are that a judge has ordered supervised visitation in your situation because the judge wants to ensure that there is no threat or parental abduction, or that you and your child will be able to reintroduce yourselves after a long absence. Oftentimes the court also mandates supervised visitation if a parent and child have never had a relationship before the court case or if the parent has a history of domestic violence or child abuse. Also, parents that have been convicted of substance abuse in the past or have a mental illness are required to participate in supervised visitation rather than unsupervised visitations. Court orders will specify the time and the duration of your visits as the visiting parent and you will want to honor these time limits and the locations.

When you attend your visitation with your child, it is essential that you do not discuss marriage issues with your child regarding his or her primary custodian. Also, you should not use your child as a messenger to take information to the other parent. It is important ot make visitations a positive and joyful time. As the visiting parent, you will want ot show up on time for visitations and cancel far in advance if you don't think that you can make it for one of the visits on the schedule. You will want to be careful to keep your visits from being emotional or overdramatic, as this may give the courts concern to revoke the visits altogether. The courts will always act in the best interest of the children involved, so if they do not enjoy the visits or voice concern, you may lose your privilege. You can discuss visitations with a knowledgeable Los Angeles family lawyer at Cleary & Green for more information!

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