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Michigan Attorney Provides Free Divorce on Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, most people are searching for deals on restaurants or fun activities so that they can enjoy a fun but relatively inexpensive date. Yet one Michigan attorney is doing something out of the ordinary and offering one free divorce to a couple who will be entered into a contest that he is hosting at present. The unusual story was highlighted on ABC News after Attorney Walter H. Bentley said that he would offer one lucky client a free divorce. Attorney Bentley reasons that you can’t open up a new love before you have closed the chapter on the old one.

The contest rules for Bentley’s competition are simple. He claims that he will grant the free divorce to any story that catches his eye and convincingly explains why that person should be the winner. The deal will only work on an uncontested divorce with no or minimum child custody issues and is limited to Michigan residents. It sounds like this obscure competition wouldn’t be much of a hit on Valentine’s Day, but Bentley told ABC News at the time of his interview that 500 couples had already applied. As the decision hour comes closer, Bentley and his associates say that they will read through the stories and narrow them to the most compelling.

The attorney says that he is looking for a story where the couple has had to overcome an obstacle or has truly been struggling to move forward and needs the divorce in order to do so. Bentley claims that couples struggling with illness or in particularly moving situations will probably have a better chance at winning. While Bentley seems to be the only attorney offering a free divorce, there are attorneys all throughout the country who offer specials during this time of the year. At Claery & Green, the firm is always offering quality representation in Los Angeles divorce cases. Contact the firm today for more information!

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