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Grandparents' Rights in California

Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys

As a grandparent, your grandchildren probably mean the world to you, and you would do almost anything to protect them. Family situations involving divorce and other issues can be taxing on everyone involved, especially children. Unfortunately, disputes between parents can often result in grandparents being unable to see their grandchildren. If you find yourself in a similar situation and are worried about how this will affect your relationship with your grandkids, it is important to discuss your rights and options with an experienced family lawyer in Los Angeles.

Grandparent’s rights is often a gray area of family law, as there are no exact guidelines or boundaries regarding the rights of a grandparent. The Los Angeles family courts, however, recognize that grandparents often play an invaluable role in the lives of their grandchildren. If you are being denied access to your grandchildren, you can file for visitation. Our team at Claery & Green, LLP can advocate on your behalf before the courts and fight to protect your precious relationship with your grandchildren.

Seeking Custody of Your Grandchildren

In certain situations, grandparents are given priority for visitation and custody, especially if the parents are unfit or a danger to the children. If one or both biological parents are deemed to be “unfit” because of drugs, alcohol, financial circumstances, or illness, you may be able to win custody of your grandchildren. The Los Angeles family court system always has the best interests of children at heart, and if living with you would be the best thing for them, you could be awarded custody. Our team can provide you with smart counsel and powerful advocacy during the custody hearing for your grandchildren.

Fighting for Grandparent Rights in Los Angeles

If you are concerned about the welfare of your grandchildren or if your relationship with them is at risk, you should call Claery & Green, LLP immediately at (310) 817-6904. Our family lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with the professional advice you will need during this time. The relationship between a grandparent and their grandchildren is a special one, and our lawyers will work hard to make sure this is preserved at all costs.

Whether you are concerned about a custodial parent’s ability to properly care for your grandchild or are simply seeking visitation rights to maintain a relationship with your grandkids, our team at Claery & Green, LLP can provide you with outstanding legal advocacy. For more information about your rights as a grandparent, contact us today!