Skyler SampSkyler Samp

Senior Associate Skyler D. Samp has vast family law experience and knowledge. His impressive background includes working in a wide range of family law environments. He has worked as a family law attorney in bustling and prestigious family law firms for the bellwether of his career. Mr. Samp has also worked directly with respected family law judges through coveted and selective externships.

Why Senior Associate Samp is Passionate About Family Law:

Mr. Samp gravitated to family law because of his natural inclination to assist others who are in need of aid. He enjoys helping others who need someone to stand up for them, and who need strong advocacy. Mr. Samp uses his advocacy and diplomacy skills together to achieve the best results possible for his clients. His talent to utilize these skills together in a well-balanced manner is unparalleled. Helping others is Mr. Samp's greatest intrinsic reward.

Attorney Samp’s impressive educational and extracurricular background:

Mr. Samp attended Hamline University School of Law where he obtained his Juris Doctorate and he completed his undergraduate studies at Winona State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society. Concurrently, he was a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Winona State Legal Society, and a member of Winona State’s nationally renowned football team. These experiences gave him the legal knowledge, overall endurance, team-building skills, and emotional strength any great family law attorney must have.

Mr. Samp’s view on the litigation process:

Mr. Samp is very clear regarding his view on the litigation process; his clients’ best interests are the focus, and their interests come first. This requires aggressive representation, while maintaining a settlement friendly atmosphere. Mr. Samp knows that maintaining this critical balance is key.

Attorney Samp’s eclectic background:

Mr. Samp has a strong passion for family law. He has also been exposed to general civil litigation, business litigation, and criminal law as well as security clearance legal matters. These combined experiences have had a profound impact on the strong advocate he has become.

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