Los Angeles Fathers' Rights Lawyer

In the past, many men felt that they were discriminated against during family law cases and that they were at a disadvantage because of supposed traditional parenting roles. At Claery & Hammond, LLP our Los Angeles divorce attorneys work hard to preserve the rights of fathers. In a system that tends to favor mothers as the primary caretaker for children, you will need every possible advantage on your side, starting with an attorney.

Although the family courts are not supposed to favor mothers over fathers, it is important to ensure your rights and interests are powerfully protected during your court proceedings. By having powerful advocacy and smart legal guidance on your side, you will have a much better chance at obtaining the results you desire from your case. An experienced lawyer from our firm can benefit your case by providing the legal knowledge and tireless protection of your rights that you need.

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Representation for Fathers in L.A. Custody Disputes

We understand that when compared with mothers, fathers can sometimes be treated unfairly and are often denied equal preference with their children's mother. If you are involved in a divorce, custody dispute, paternity action, or need assistance with child support or spousal support, a family lawyer from our law firm can provide you with the help and legal support you will need during this time.

Our firm understands that nothing is more important than your relationship with your children, and believes you deserve strong representation before the courts. Our team at Claery & Hammond, LLP can ensure your rights as a father are not violated and fight for your best interests before the family court. If you need assistance with your family law proceedings, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Call us at (310) 817-6904 to speak to our dedicated Los Angeles fathers' rights lawyers today.

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