Marital Settlement Agreements

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

When divorce becomes necessary, certain things like property division, child custody, and spousal support will have to be decided. More often than not, couples hire Los Angeles divorce attorneys to help them through the process of reaching a marital settlement agreement because it can be difficult to do this without the proper legal background.

A marital settlement agreement is a legal document that outlines how a couple’s property is to be divided upon the dissolution of their marriage. A marital settlement agreement may also address such issues as child custody, child support, spousal support, and any other special arrangements that need to be defined in a document for legal purposes.

Los Angeles Marital Settlement Attorneys

Claery & Hammond, LLP can help you draft and implement the terms of a marital settlement agreement. A Los Angeles divorce attorney from our firm can assist you and your spouse with negotiating the terms of your divorce. Oftentimes it can be difficult for a couple to resolve these issues on their own without assistance from an objective third party.

When you hire a lawyer from Claery & Hammond, LLP, they can serve as a mediator or neutral third party or can work on only your side if you and your spouse have separate attorneys. Whatever your specific needs are, you can trust that our firm will work hard to make sure they are met.

Divorce is never easy, nor are the issues that result from divorce, but with an experienced and skilled attorney behind you, the process of drafting a marital settlement agreement will go much more smoothly. Having a legal representative looking out for your best interest is something you will benefit from significantly as you try to move on with your life following a divorce.

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