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In California, noncustodial parents have the right to seek visitation with their children, according to the discretion of the family court. The family court's main concern is the wellbeing of the child, and in most cases, they determine that it is best for children to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.

Types of Visitation

Visitation rights fall under four main categories:

  • Reasonable Visitation - This type of visitation order is usually open-ended and allows the parents to work out their own visitation schedule.
  • Scheduled Visitation - An order for scheduled visitation means that the court will outline the specific times and dates of visitation with the children.
  • Supervised Visitation - If the judge decides that the noncustodial parent is could potentially harm the child, all orders will be supervised by a court-approved adult.
  • No Visitation - If the judge believes that interaction with the noncustodial parent could cause the child physical or emotional harm, they will order no visitation.

Los Angeles Visitation Lawyers

Research has shown that children greatly benefit from having both parents maintain an active presence in their life, and our attorneys have seen firsthand just how hurtful it can be for the child to be denied having this important relationship. If you are a parent seeking visitation with your child following a divorce, separation, or break-up, you need to ensure your rights are protected.

At Claery & Hammond, LLP our Los Angeles family law attorneys understand how much your children mean to you, and we can fight to preserve your rights to visitation. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your visitation case, you can be confident that our firm will provide the tireless advocacy you need before the family court.

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