Claery & Hammond, LLP Donates to Organization that Provides Charitable Education for Needy Children of Low Income Families

Lance Claery and the team at Claery & Hammond are always finding charitable ways to give back to our communities. Most recently, the divorce and family law firm donated an undisclosed amount to St. Ann's Charity in Naples, Florida. The Saint Ann School Foundation provides much needed scholarships to underprivileged children in low income areas.

St. Ann's "popular raffle charity" is designed to raise funds for children of families experiencing financial hardships. This is done specifically to ensure they receive better educations through scholarships so that they may attend excellent schools.

Thank goodness for foundations like that of St. Ann's and for organizations that are giving back to the community, in every way possible. This mentality is an absolute priority of Claery & Hammond, LLPand is inspirational to others. A supported community gives in return by flourishing and then more people can help others. In essence, by contributing the community, one ensures that the community will stick around and always be there for each other. Claery & Hammond encourages others to help their communities as well. Besides, it's always nice to know that someone, in some way, has got your back.