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Family Law Blog

Indian Man Granted Divorce from Aggressive Wife

An Indian couple gained publicity for their divorce case due to the overwhelming sexual advances of the wife towards the husband. He sought the divorce because he cannot keep up with his wife's ...
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Actor Corey Feldman Finalizes Divorce

Former child-actor Corey Feldman had his divorce finalized at the end of August. Feldman is paying a small amount to his former wife and their child. Details in Feldman's Divorce Feldman married ...
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Couple's Divorce Selfie Gains Popularity

A couple gained popularity as they posted a picture of themselves to social media outlets following the dissolution of their marriage. The picture consisted of the former couple holding their divorce ...
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The Rise of Divorce Parties

Many individuals are choosing to end their marriages in the same way they started- with a large party celebrating the end of their relationship. These parties are becoming a large industry in many ...
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Oil Tycoon Faces Costliest Divorce in History

Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm is facing the most expensive divorce in history as the argument over his $17 billion fortune is contested in the couple's divorce settlement. Oklahoma is an ...
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Tips for Grandparent's Navigating Their Child's Divorce

In a divorce, it is not only the immediate partner and children that are affected. Extended family members, such as grandparents, play a vital role in helping navigate the after-effects of a divorce. ...
Continue reading "Tips for Grandparent's Navigating Their Child's Divorce" »

Pamela Anderson Halts Divorce Proceedings

On-Again, Off-Again Couple Pamela Anderson filed for divorce of husband Rick Solomon in July. In August, the actress petitioned the court to toss the divorce filing. This is the second time that ...
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Research Suggests Middle-Age Women Seek Passion, Not Divorce

Sociological research that will be presented at an upcoming conference suggests that middle-aged women that are just seeking passion in a relationship are less likely to file for divorce and more ...
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Neil Young Divorces Wife of 36 Years

Singer Neil Young has filed for divorce from his wife of 36 years, Pegi Young. Young had filed for a dissolution of marriage in July. The divorce hearing for the couple is scheduled for December. ...
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Marijuana Linked to Decreased Domestic Violence

In a recent study, results showed that couples who used marijuana were at the least risk for domestic violence. This may come as a surprise to some, since individuals that abuse substances are linked ...
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Splitsville App Works to Make Divorce Positive

A woman seeking to divorce her husband was frustrated by the lack of support she received due to the stigma that can often be attached to divorce. Inspired by other apps for smartphones, she created a ...
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Dropping Your Last Name After Divorce

What happens to a person in divorce that abandoned their surname to take on their spouse's name? What if you created a new surname for your family and then go divorced? You will have to choose ...
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Appeals Court Rules Pregnant Man Allowed Divorce in Arizona

The man who gained popularity as the "Pregnant Man" has been allowed to get divorced in the state of Arizona by the Arizona Court of Appeals. Who is the Pregnant Man? Thomas Beattie became ...
Continue reading "Appeals Court Rules Pregnant Man Allowed Divorce in Arizona" »

Pet Custody in Divorce Battles Becoming More Popular

The concern over pet ownership in divorce property agreements has becomes so popular that pets are being included in some couple's prenuptial agreements. With nearly 179 million cats and dogs ...
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Actor Nick Cannon to Divorce Singer Mariah Carey

In what is sure to be a highly publicized divorce, comedian Nick Cannon has left singer Mariah Carey over concerns about the well-being of the couple's twin toddlers. Cannon made the decision to ...
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Prenuptial Mediation as First Step in Marriage

Mediating prenuptial agreements can also be seen as a form of marriage mediation. In marriage mediation, a couple meets with a trained mediator that helps them identify problem areas in their marriage ...
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Determining Spousal Support in California

In a divorce settlement, the issue of spousal support will be addressed by the lawyers working on the case. Spousal support includes monthly payments made by one spouse to another in order to assist ...
Continue reading "Determining Spousal Support in California" »

Parental Gatekeeping & Child Custody

Parental gatekeeping is when one parent restricts the relationship between the other parent and a child. This is done through limiting communication or contact with the child. Sometimes, parental ...
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Mississippi Same-Sex Couple Seeks Divorce

The Mississippi Attorney General's office has been challenged to recognize same-sex marriage in the state in order to grant a divorce. A Tennessee couple recently asked for and was denied the same ...
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When a Prenuptial Agreement is Unfair

Prenuptial agreements are contracts entered into before a marriage that detail provisions about what the couple agree is fair in the event the marriage dissolves. These agreements commonly address ...
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No Legal Rights in Conscious Uncoupling

With Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow making headlines with their proclamation of "conscious uncoupling", it may be confusing as to what this actually is. Our firm will discuss this version ...
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Gray Divorce Has Different Financial Issues

With rates of divorce increasing for those aged 65 and over, often called gray divorce, there are new sets of issues that arise for this age group, presenting different challenges. For those in this ...
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Tennessee Same-Sex Couple Denied Divorce

After moving to Tennessee, two men married in Iowa have been refused a divorce in the state. Since the state of Tennessee does not recognize same-sex marriage and civil unions, the couple are fighting ...
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California in Top 7 Worst States for Divorce

In consideration of long waiting times and expensive filing fees, California is listed among the seven worst states in America to obtain a divorce. California paved the way for the nation in 1970 when ...
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Kendra Wilkinson Looks to Divorce Hank Baskett

Earlier this year, reports that former professional football player Hank Baskett cheated on wife Kendra Wilkinson while she was pregnant with his child surfaced. In early August, Wilkinson met with ...
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