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Family Law Blog

What Grounds do I have to file for Divorce in California?

Every state has unique grounds when it comes to filing for divorce. When you are deciding upon the grounds that you will request for your divorce, it is important to remember that you must be able to ...
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Ensure your Budget Supports Two Households instead of One after Divorce

Today's economy has made it increasingly difficult to make the transition from supporting one household to two after a divorce. By working together and avoiding hostility at all costs, divorcing ...
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Finalizing a Divorce-it's Different for Everyone

The finality of divorce varies for every separating couple. For some people, they become emotionally detached from their marriage before the actual legal process begins. They have already dealt with ...
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Recently Divorced and Re-entering the Workforce?

Many married couples function around one spouse committed to a full time job, while the other stays at home and manages the house and family. After a divorce; however, the two ex-spouses may be put ...
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Divorced and Still Living Together?

Divorce can be an overwhelming, stressful, and let's face it—sometimes brutal—process. But what happens when your marriage does not end on good terms, and yet you are still forced to ...
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The Advantages of Avoiding the Courtroom during Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally charged legal processes, which is why it is not uncommon for spouses to find themselves in the courtroom when they are ending their marriage. However, if you ...
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Forming A Prenup: It's not the Bad Process You may think it is!

Due to the negative way countless people view prenuptial agreements, it is not uncommon for married couples to be hesitant about forming one. People believe that forming a premarital agreement means ...
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Animal Cruelty Is Often an Indication of Domestic Violence

According to one study, 70 and 85 percent of all female victims of domestic violence say that their abusers also committed acts of violence against their pets. Children witness violence against pets ...
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Where You File: Does it Really Matter?

In a word, yes. It does matter where you file for your divorce. Most of the time, divorcing couples file in the county where they live without thinking of other options. However, military families are ...
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Third Party Visitation- How Does it Work?

Are you a third party that would like visitation with children after a divorce? Third party visitation cases are taken on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the courts will get involved in enforcing ...
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California Bill Would Allow Children Access to Ailing Parents

A bill labeled as AB 2034 would allow children to visit their ailing parents and protect children from being denied access to a parent by the parent's future spouse or child. The bill passed the ...
Continue reading "California Bill Would Allow Children Access to Ailing Parents" »

What is the Most Expensive State for Divorce?

If you are planning to get a divorce, it is best to keep money in mind. Divorces can add up, especially if they are contested. Depending on where you live, a divorce may be more or less expensive. ...
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The Legalities of Eloping

Many individuals choose to elope, which means that they run away to get married. Couples caught up in a rush of young love often surmise that running away to be wed is a quicker and more daring way to ...
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Is it Legal to Leave the Kids Home Alone?

Leaving a minor in your house without a babysitter or some sort of guardian can be asking for trouble. There is no federal law on leaving kids home alone, though it can sometimes be termed negligence. ...
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Deployed Militia and Divorce Cases

The United States has set up certain special provisions for active-duty militia members that are in the midst of a divorce. These protections and preferences recently proved helpful for a sailor that ...
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Celebrity Melanie Griffith Fights for Pets in Divorce

Sometimes a dog really is man's best friend. Fluffy, Rover and a whole other host of animals are winning the hearts of their adult owners and when a couple chooses to split, it can cause ...
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A Different Kind of Independence Day

Are you planning on filing for divorce? Today is Independence Day, and all over the U.S. people are celebrating America's "divorce" from the U.K. as established by the Declaration of ...
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Sharing Holidays Post-Divorce

If you have children, you know how special it is to be present when they experience exciting holidays. One of the landmark holidays in America is coming up this week: Independence Day. If you are ...
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Fourth of July Custody: Who Has the Kids?

This year, the fourth of July falls on a Friday, facilitating a long weekend. If you are off work on this exciting holiday, you may want to consider if you have the kids or not. Independence Day is ...
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Nesting - A New Divorce Alternative

For the affluent, sometimes divorce just isn't worth the stress, worry, and expenses. Dividing a carefully accumulated fortune can be frustrating and discouraging. Sometimes, spouses don't ...
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Divorcing and Pregnant? Allow Us to Help!

If you are currently going through a divorce but are pregnant, you may want to carefully structure your divorce so that your soon-to-be-ex is still required to care for the child financially when he ...
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Social Media Prenuptial Agreements: A New Trend

If you are planning to create a prenuptial agreement that will guide your marriage, you may want to add in some social media restrictions. This new trend in prenuptial agreements can help prevent your ...
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Father's Rights to Visitation on Father's Day

Father's Day has come and gone. Are you a father who was not given permission to spend time with your kids on your special day? If this is the case in your relationship, you may want to look back ...
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Deadbeat Moms and Court Order Enforcement

The phrase “deadbeat dad” is common in the United States when referring to parents in divorce cases. Deadbeat dads are those that fail to pay their child support orders on time and may be ...
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Alimony Is an Insurable Interest!

Did you know that alimony is an insurable interest? Any type of alimony ceases upon the death of the payor. This means that if your spouse passes away while still paying you these monthly dues, you ...
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