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Family Law Blog

Common Divorce Misconceptions

When you get divorced, you should expect that everyone will have a comment to share on your situation. From those that disapprove your decision to the ones who become incessantly nosy of the details, ...
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5 Tips for a Cheaper Divorce

No matter how amicable the divorce may be, it is still a time consuming, messy, and complicated process to see through. Not only will all property, assets, and debts need to be re-organized and ...
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Celebrating Divorce Is a New Hot Business

Divorce is increasingly being seen as less shameful and more liberating. With the rise in acceptance that accompanies this new life milestone comes the rise new celebrations for the end of a marriage ...
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Why is Divorce Better than an Unhappy Marriage?

There is no lack of publications that write about the trauma of divorce on children and the ways that divorcing parents can shield their children from the negative effects of divorce. It is claimed ...
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How to Protect Finances in a Later-In-Life Divorce

What are some things I should know? If you are seeking a later in life divorce, the financial implications for dissolving your marriage are more serious than those divorcing at an earlier age. The ...
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What You Should Know About Your Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a relatively common occurrence affecting nearly half of all marriages. With such numbers, it can only be expected that divorce attorneys have seen a wide range of cases, from the mundane to ...
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Divorce Increases With Age Gap

Should you be worried about your marriage? Recent research from Emory University indicates that the larger the age gap between a couples, the greater the likelihood that the couple will not remain ...
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Financial Considerations in Gray Divorce

Nearly 25% of all divorces are occurring in an unlikely population - those over the age of 50. In fact, this group, known as gray divorces, has doubled their rate of divorce in the last 25 years. ...
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Protect Your Inheritance in a Divorce

Marriage is oftentimes marked by an increase in sharing, with a mentality that everything that belongs to one person also belongs to the other. But with the high rates of divorce in the United States, ...
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Financially Plan Your Divorce

Sometimes a couple knows that a divorce is in the near future, but choose to wait to file until their circumstances are a little different. Maybe they are waiting for their youngest child to leave for ...
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How to Successfully Blend a Family

The term blended families is used to describe the new home made by two spouses that both bring children from prior relationships into a new marriage. Similar to the classic television show The Brady ...
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Don't Just Stay Together For the Kids

When parents are married but simply do not like each other any longer, there may be some not so subtle signs for children to pick up on. Whether it's not laughing at one another's jokes or ...
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Avoid Common Divorce Mistakes

Are you preventing the end of your own divorce? No divorce is exactly the same, so there is no scenario that can fit every individual situation. Everyone has their own reasons for seeking a divorce, ...
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You're Not Fooling Your Therapist

Before getting a divorce, many couples will choose to attend couple's counseling to try and work out some of the issues they are facing. This can help reveal what needs to be worked on, or ...
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What to Know About Your Custody Battle

When getting a divorce, one of the most common concerns for parents is what will happen to the kids. Kids are often at the center of the divorce process, and their custody will also help determine ...
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Divorced Couples Give Up More Than a Marriage

From separating their marital property to their child custody agreements, those that are divorced have a lot to think about. Whether a couple chooses to decide these aspects of their lives through ...
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What Makes a Successful Marriage?

Our firm recently posted a blog about a recent study linking the cost of the engagement ring and the wedding to the likelihood of divorce. Those findings not only determined the correlation with ...
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Judges Awarding Less Alimony As More Women Enter Workforce

New Jersey recently revised its laws on alimony, reflecting a nationwide trend in divorce courts. Alimony refers to the money received by one spouse from the other in order to help them stay ...
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Things to Consider Before Marriage

Common Reasons for Divorce Being a divorce attorney means that many clients come into the office explaining the details of their marriage and why things did not work out. Many times, regardless the ...
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High-Stakes Divorces Often Settle-Should Yours?

Hurt feelings can often cloud a person's judgment when divorce is on the line. Many will choose to take their spouse to court to battle out the details of the divorce and attempt to get most of ...
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Think Before Relocating Children

One parent may think that moving their children after a separation or divorce may be the best way to get a start on a new life. Before making a serious decision to relocate to another place with a ...
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How Are Assets Divided in Divorce?

When a couple has been together for a long period of time, dividing assets and property in a divorce can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Even if the divorce is completely amicable, deciding ...
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Financial Advice Following a Divorce

Following a divorce, you will likely be the only one making financial decisions for yourself and it may be overwhelming. Many people have never been in control of their own finances or have no idea ...
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Are Divorce Costs Linked to Personal Income?

A person's income has an effect on the goods and services they purchase. Those that without the funds to shop at luxury boutique will likely not show up at one, while those with enough money may ...
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Examine Your Fighting Style Before a Divorce

One of the things that couples should examine before making the decision to divorce is how they argue with one another. Arguing happens in any successful relationship, and does not necessarily ...
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