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Family Law Blog

What Judges Consider in Child Custody Cases

If you're a parent who is getting divorced, the simplest, most effective way to decide on child custody is to reach an agreement with your soon to be ex-spouse. However, life and divorce are ...
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Alimony & Taxes in California: What You Need to Know

Alimony, otherwise known as "spousal support" is money that one spouse pays to support the spouse with less financial resources. While California's divorce laws allow the courts to award ...
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Dividing Property & Debt in a California Divorce

If you are getting a divorce, the ideal way to divide your marital property and debts is to work out an agreement that you and your spouse feels is fair. It's important to remember that until the ...
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Can Kids Choose Which Parent to Live With?

There's a myth about child custody that when a child reaches the age of 14 he or she can decide which parent to live with. Unfortunately, this is not true. In many states there is a law that says ...
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Support for Same-Sex Marriage Breaks Records

According to a new survey from Gallup, the support for same-sex marriage in America has reached an all-time high. Gallup's new survey shows that 60 percent of Americans approve of legalizing ...
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Don't Make These Divorce Mistakes!

If you're getting divorced, you're not alone. With approximately 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, you have bigger things to worry about than the stigma of being a "divorced ...
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I'm Divorcing, Should I Keep the House?

One of the first questions that we often hear from clients is, "Should I keep the house?" It depends. When it comes to selling a home, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Do you ...
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Why You May Want a Prenup

While prenuptial agreements are often associated with rich celebrities and wealthy entrepreneurs, they are not just for the rich and famous. Any couple who has children from a previous relationship or ...
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Some Companies Give Gay Employees Ultimatum About Benefits

As the nation awaits the Supreme Court's decision about same-sex marriage, expected sometime in June, some companies are giving their gay employees an ultimatum: either get married, or your ...
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Money Tips for Divorce

As you are likely well-aware, marriage is just as much a financial investment as it is an emotional one. If you are about to get a divorce, we suggest that you follow these tips to help you avoid ...
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Is it Bad to Date Before My Divorce if Final?

Sometimes when a marriage ends, spouses are so hurt that they need time to regroup before they even think about dating again. Other times, things have been bad for so long, a spouse is ready to meet ...
Continue reading "Is it Bad to Date Before My Divorce if Final?" »

Parental Alienation After Divorce

In the absence of domestic violence, what children of divorce need more than anything is to maintain healthy and strong relationships with both parents, and to be shielded from their parents' ...
Continue reading "Parental Alienation After Divorce" »

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce

Can children go through a divorce and come out the other end stronger and happier? Absolutely, however, it's going to take some work. It is possible for your children to experience relatively few ...
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Should You Buy a House After a Divorce?

After a divorce, buying a new home can be a deeply rewarding experience, and it can bring a sense of security when your life has been turned upside-down. The positives of home ownership aside, are you ...
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Has Social Media Played a Role in Your Divorce?

Has social media played a role in divorce as a whole? Yes, absolutely, and yours might be one of them. Just ask any divorce attorney, and they will tell you that over the last decade, social media ...
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Will I Be Responsible for My Spouse's Taxes?

When our clients file for divorce, we are often asked, "Do I have to pay my spouse's California income taxes?" When you file a joint tax return with your spouse, you are both responsible ...
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Rediscovering Yourself After Divorce

It's not uncommon for people going through a divorce to feel as if they've hit rock bottom. They feel like they lost themselves in the divorce, as if they lost their confidence, and as if they ...
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How to Get Your Divorce Right

If you're getting divorced, perhaps your marriage wasn't a raging success, but there's a good chance that you got some great kids out of it. The divorce on the other hand, can be ...
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Rosie O'Donnell & Michelle Rounds Battle Over Child Custody

Rosie O' Donnell's estranged wife, Michelle Rounds is seeking full custody of their 2-year-old daughter. Rounds says she wants custody because Rosie drinks too much alcohol, smokes to much ...
Continue reading "Rosie O'Donnell & Michelle Rounds Battle Over Child Custody" »

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money?

When a marriage is in trouble, it's not unusual for one of the spouses to be hiding money. This can simply be how a spouse has been operating during the marriage, or it can be a reaction to an ...
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Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on Gay Marriage

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the national debate on same-sex marriage. It soon became clear that the Supreme Court justices seemed deeply divided regarding one of the ...
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How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody?

Are you in the midst of a divorce or family law case that involves domestic violence? If your case involves children and there is a history of domestic violence, it's important that you learn how ...
Continue reading "How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody?" »

Support for Gay Marriage Reaches Record Levels

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News Poll, 6 in 10 Americans support same-sex marriage – a record high. As the national debate about gay marriage moves to corner stage on April 28, ...
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Hillary Duff Faces Child Custody Battle

In January 2014, Hillary Duff and husband, retired Canadian NHL player, Mike Comrie announced that they were amicably separating and were going to continue co-parenting their son, Luca Cruz Comrie. ...
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Update: Orthodox Rabbis Found Guilty of Conspiracy

On Tuesday, three Orthodox rabbis in New Jersey accused of kidnapping and torturing Jewish men into giving their wives a divorce were convicted of conspiracy in federal court. Rabbis, M. Epstein, 69, ...
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