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Family Law Blog

Things to Consider Before Marriage

Common Reasons for Divorce Being a divorce attorney means that many clients come into the office explaining the details of their marriage and why things did not work out. Many times, regardless the ...
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High-Stakes Divorces Often Settle-Should Yours?

Hurt feelings can often cloud a person's judgment when divorce is on the line. Many will choose to take their spouse to court to battle out the details of the divorce and attempt to get most of ...
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Think Before Relocating Children

One parent may think that moving their children after a separation or divorce may be the best way to get a start on a new life. Before making a serious decision to relocate to another place with a ...
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How Are Assets Divided in Divorce?

When a couple has been together for a long period of time, dividing assets and property in a divorce can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Even if the divorce is completely amicable, deciding ...
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Financial Advice Following a Divorce

Following a divorce, you will likely be the only one making financial decisions for yourself and it may be overwhelming. Many people have never been in control of their own finances or have no idea ...
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Are Divorce Costs Linked to Personal Income?

A person's income has an effect on the goods and services they purchase. Those that without the funds to shop at luxury boutique will likely not show up at one, while those with enough money may ...
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Examine Your Fighting Style Before a Divorce

One of the things that couples should examine before making the decision to divorce is how they argue with one another. Arguing happens in any successful relationship, and does not necessarily ...
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Harold Hamm Divorce Settlement One of Largest in History

Oil tycoon Harold Hamm has been in the news over the past year as his divorce panned out. Not only is he a major oil tycoon, but his wife was seeking the largest divorce settlement in history. Hamm is ...
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What Parents Can Do to Help Children During Divorce

Make the Transition Smoother for Children It cannot be denied that the ones usually most affected by a divorce are the children that are wondering what is happening to their family. Parents should ...
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Should You Try Online Dating?

No one enters into a marriage thinking of the people they are going to date if the marriage ends. Marriage is intended to be lifetime status, even though it does not always turn out that way. When ...
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A New Chapter Means a New Wardrobe After Divorce

Following a divorce, you may not be feeling as great about yourself as you thought. You expected that getting out of marriage would immediately make you feel better, but after such a stressful time in ...
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What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Want a Divorce

When a person enters into a marriage, they likely do not think of what will happen if the marriage ends. Marriage can be great, especially when building a future with someone. While two people may ...
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Fastest Growing Divorces Are Those Over 50

Gray Divorces Increase in Popularity As divorce loses its social stigma, more and more are separating from their marriage, including those over the age of 50 and well into retirement age. Known as ...
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Engagement Ring May Predict Future Divorce

A recent study has revealed a surprising link between the cost of the engagement ring and wedding with divorce. Turns out, money cannot buy love or happiness, as an increase in pre-wedding costs is ...
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Paula Patton Files to Divorce Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke, best known for his catchy songs like 'Blurred Lines", was hit with divorce papers from his wife, Paula Patton, in October. The relationship between Thicke and Patton was ...
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Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Ends Relationship

Star of the popular "Real Housewives of Atlanta" television show is ending her relationship with her husband due to his extensive legal issues and jail time. Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida ...
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Never-Married Iggy Azalea Served With Divorce Papers

Rapper Iggy Azalea has been served with divorce papers. Since Azalea was never married, the divorce may come as a surprise. Turns out, a former boyfriend claims that the two had a common law marriage ...
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How a Pet Can Help During Divorce

When thinking about divorce, a new family pet may not come to mind, but a pet can be an immense benefit to family members in the event of a divorce. Whether a former family pet or a new addition, ...
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Tips to Deal With a Difficult Ex

Dealing with a former spouse can be extremely frustrating, especially soon after separating when there are many hurt feelings and frustrations. But when children are involved, it is important that a ...
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Men Can Receive Alimony From Ex-Wives

As more men stay home with the children and women take active roles in the workplace, alimony trends are shifting. Statistics show that more and more men have begun to receive alimony from their ...
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Documents Necessary in a Divorce

Getting a divorce often means that documents and information that has rarely seen the light of day must be found, copied, and presented to an attorney. These documents are generally related to ...
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Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Successfully Co-Parent

While there has been a lot of acknowledgement for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's conscious uncoupling and subsequent friendship, there are other Hollywood couples that provide examples of ...
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How to Tell If Your Child is Handling Divorce

With so much talk and emphasis about ensuring that children are taken care of in the event of a divorce, how can a parent know whether or not their child is adjusting? With all that is happening with ...
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Details of Prenup Revealed in Griffin Divorce

In the high-stakes divorce of Kenneth Griffin and his wife, even the smallest details can move millions of dollars around. Recently, Griffin made the details of the couple's prenuptial agreement ...
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Engagement Ring Cost May Indicate Divorce

One of the first things that a person does when they decide they want to marry someone is to purchase an engagement ring. An engagement ring serves as a symbol for the public that the person will soon ...
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