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Family Law Blog

Famed Couple Fights Over Art in Divorce

The high-profile divorce of Washington couple Heather and Tony Podesta has been highly covered by many news outlets. The wealthy husband and wife recently chose to separate, and they are now working ...
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Divorce and Taxes

After a divorce, you want to prepare for the possibility of a major financial blow from the IRS. According to Reuters, filing taxes after divorce or separate can be trickier than when you were ...
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Student Loans After Divorce: Who's Responsible?

Marriage involves sharing everything, including debt. For many young couples, student loans are a significant debt that will follow a husband or wife into the marriage. According to the Wall Street ...
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Considering Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an easier way to settle divorce cases. If you are planning to split from your spouse, a collaborative divorce can make the process smoother while keeping your children out of ...
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Study Shows that Twitter May Affect your Marriage

According to a recent report by "Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking" says that Twitter could lead to unfavorable relationship outcomes such as cheating, breakups, or divorce. ...
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Dividing Investments During Divorce

When getting a divorce, investment and retirement accounts are typically afterthoughts. In reality, these accounts could hold thousands of dollars that need to be carefully divided. Accounts and their ...
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What is Surrogate Parenthood?

Surrogacy is the process of carrying another person's child for them in a type of business arrangement. Surrogate mothers are often used by mothers that are unable to conceive and carry their own ...
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Divorce and Your Credit Score

California is a community property state. This means that even your individual accounts in marriage will reflect your spouse's credit score if you are an authorized user on the account. You and ...
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Three Methods of Enforcing Child Support

If your ex-spouse won't pay child support, then you may want to get the courts involved. If your ex is under an obligation to pay child support, then he or she must do so faithfully. Maybe your ...
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Divorce in Short Term Marriages

Sometimes, marriage is a mistake that you recognize shortly after the wedding day. Frequently, couples are caught up in whirlwind romances that blossom into a fast wedding ceremony. When the honeymoon ...
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Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

If you intend to co-parent with a spouse after divorce, you will want to mentally prepare for what could be a difficult journey. Even if you are amicable with your spouse, you will be spending ...
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Getting Married in Las Vegas

Many Los Angeles couples may decide to run out to Las Vegas and get married on a whim. This adventurous way to get hitched is a common one. Yet there are still some legal processes that you must ...
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Divorce on the Rise: Are Baby Boomers to Blame?

An article published in the Washington Post blogs this past week indicates that divorce is on the rise in the United States. According to the blog, there is a direct cause for the higher divorce ...
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Protecting Your Finances During Divorce

If you are currently preparing for a divorce, it is important to remember that divorce can be costly. If you take the proper precautions, you may be able to avoid some of the costly repercussions of ...
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Gwenyth Paltrow Files for Divorce

The famed actress Gwenyth Paltrow is divorcing her husband of 11 years, Chris Martin. The actress announced her intention to divorce from her spouse on her website, and termed the divorce ...
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Easter is Coming Up: Do You Have a Holiday Custody Plan?

Easter is only a month away. Have you and your spouse discussed who will have the children for this holiday? Oftentimes, holiday custody issues are discussed during the divorce procedure. Chances are ...
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Hiding Your Assets in Divorce can Have Serious Consequences

Recently, a California businessman was arrested after he declared bankruptcy and hid all of his assets during a divorce to avoid paying child support or alimony. The man was involved in a very ...
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Survey Provides the Top Ten Reasons for Divorce

Recently, a British family law firm known as Slater & Gordon took a survey of divorced couples and compiled a top ten reasons of why couples divorce sheet. According to Slater & Gordon, the ...
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New Survey Proves the Decision to Divorce Isn't Easy

Divorce is not an easy choice. Recently, a British law firm known as Slater & Gordon completed a survey to get more information about how couples arrive at the choice to divorce. What they found ...
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The Spring Break Battle: Who Gets the Children?

If you are divorced, spring break can be a special time to share with your children, or it can be frustrating if your ex has the kids for their whole week off. Spring break is a special week of free ...
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Divorce and College Expenses

A New Jersey dad was surprised when he was ordered to pay half of his daughter’s law school tuition following a divorce. The costs of tuition amounted to $112,500. This happened because in the ...
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Wording Your Divorce Decree Correctly

When you are creating a divorce decree, the wording is essential. At Claery & Green, our highly experienced team is focused on helping you to get the satisfactory divorce decree that you deserve ...
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Can You Contest an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one that is filed in the courts on the presumption that both spouses agree with the terms. A divorce of this nature will be swiftly executed and probably won’t involve ...
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Can You Be Fined for Failing to Respond to a Divorce Case?

Recently, a famed rapper Master P failed to respond to the divorce petition filed by his estranged wife. The famed rapper is allegedly worth more than $40 million, but gave none of that money to his ...
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Organization Is Essential in Divorce

If you are considering divorce, you first need to get organized. We don't mean you need to go out and buy binders and Tupperware, but we do suggest that you gather, organize, and translate all ...
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