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Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

Claery & Green, LLP

At Claery & Green, LLP our Los Angeles divorce and family lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights while seeking the best possible outcomes for their cases.

Do you want to file for divorce in Los Angeles County? Are you involved in a dispute with your former partner over child custody or support payments? Interested in creating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement?

Claery & Green, LLP is very respected in the community for our outstanding legal services, and our firm was one of only thirteen chosen for the Los Angeles Times Family Law Practitioners feature in 2013 & 2015. When you are facing a difficult family court matter, you deserve to have an experienced and caring law firm on your side. Claery & Green, LLP can provide the tireless advocacy and smart representation you need!

Experienced & Dedicated Family Lawyer

No matter the situation involved in your case and regardless of the cause, catalyst, or steps leading up to it, you can find help by working with an experienced divorce lawyer. No matter the exact case, you can be confident that Attorneys Lance Claery and Eli Hammond will work towards giving you a unique, tailor-made solution. There is no need to attempt to fight it alone; allow a skilled attorney from our team to step in and help you protect your interests.

We handle both amicable and contested family court cases in an efficient and effective manner. Let us help you strategically work toward an outcome that will be most beneficial to you.

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Our office is conveniently located at 2121 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2900, Los Angeles, CA 90067

We proudly serve clients throughout Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Long Beach, and all other cities throughout Greater Los Angeles.

Compassionate Family Law Attorney in California

By enlisting a strong and understanding divorce attorney to help protect your rights, you can be confident that your proceedings will be guided by proven legal counsel. The presence of someone intimately familiar with the law is of the utmost importance in these cases, and when a lawyer intervenes, they seek to make the entire process as seamless and painless as possible. By allowing our effective firm to step in, you will benefit from having the strain of handling everything on your own lifted from your shoulders.

When you can focus less attention on untangling the legalities, you can instead focus on the much more important task of moving forward in your new life.

You may feel lost right now and wonder exactly what an attorney can do to assist you through this difficult time, but there are actually numerous ways that an experienced legal professional can help. Understanding the facts of your case and your options under the law will help you chose the right path for yourself and the people you love most.

For the sound legal guidance you need, contact Claery & Green, LLP today!

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  • We focus only on divorce and family law cases
  • Our attorneys handle all types of family court issues
  • We provide caring and effective legal advocacy
  • Our team has nearly 30 years' combined experience
  • We offer a FREE initial case consultation

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At Claery & Green, LLP, our attorneys specialize in the important field of family law and we can represent your rights and interests no matter what legal issues you face. Due to the fact that personal relationships and assets are at stake in such matters, these cases require attention to detail, sensitivity, thorough understanding of the law, and compassion.

When you choose our firm to represent you, our attorneys will devote the care and high quality of service that you and your loved ones deserve during this stressful time. You will always be treated with respect and your best interests will be our team's top priority at all times.

We understand that you are likely feeling frightened, helpless, angry, and frustrated. We want to offer you the personal attention and support you deserve in your time of need. By consulting a lawyer at our firm, you can find out more about your particular rights and options. Armed with the resources and knowledge you need, you will be ready to make a well-informed decision about your case, and our family law attorneys can begin to devise a legal strategy that more effectively represents your interests.

Experience. Dedication. Results.

With the emotional support and legal guidance you deserve, you can face the situation at hand with informed confidence and a detailed plan. With this sort of personal touch and dedication towards the best possible outcome, you can breathe easier knowing that your future is in trustworthy hands. The attorneys at our firm can handle all types of issues that can arise within a family, so regardless of your situation you should contact a Los Angeles divorce attorney at Claery & Green, LLP to discuss your case.