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Move Away & Parental Relocation

Los Angeles Custody Lawyers

Parental relocation, often referred to as "move away", is an important issue to address in regard to divorce and child custody arrangements. If the parents share custody or one parent has visitation rights, the parent with primary custody cannot move with the child without first obtaining permission from the court. The family court must ensure that the child's relationship with their other parent is protected, and that the other parent's rights are not violated.

What factors will the court consider?

If you would like to move with your child, you must first file a relocation petition with the Los Angeles family court. The family court judge is most concerned with the wellbeing of the child, and they will take number factors into account before making their decision.

The court will consider such factors as:

  • The reason for the move
  • The distance of the move
  • The impact the move will have on the child's relationship with the noncustodial parent
  • The age of the child
  • The parents' existing custody arrangement
  • The impact the move will have upon the child's education
  • The way the move will affect the child socially
  • The way the move will affect the child psychologically
  • The child's wishes, depending upon his or her age

Because there are various factors that will come into play in a case of this kind, it is important that you have a Los Angeles family lawyer on your side to properly present your case and protect your parental rights so you can seek the best outcome possible.

Parental Relocation Attorney in Los Angeles

Claery & Green, LLP can address all of your questions and concerns related to move away cases. We are experienced in handling post-judgment modifications of custody and visitation agreements in order to address parental relocation. We assist parents who wish to move as well as parents whose custodial rights would be violated if their former partner relocated with their children.

The outcome of a parental relocation case will have a serious impact on you and your child, so it's important that you have strong legal advocacy on your side. Our firm handles all types of family law cases throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Contact Claery & Green, LLP at (310) 817-6904 or take a few moments to fill out a free case evaluation form if you would like to learn more about child relocation laws in California.