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Are you currently facing a divorce?

If you are considering a divorce or if you and your spouse have already decided to end your marriage, gaining a full understanding of this legal process and the many issues that need to be addressed is of the utmost importance. At Claery & Hammond, LLP we are highly experienced attorneys dedicated to helping clients in Los Angeles handle their divorce cases.

Divorce can be complicated and can be emotionally traumatizing as well. If you, however, have a full understanding of the divorce process and know what to expect, you can make the right choices about your case and about resolving the numerous issues that may arise.

Dealing with Issues in Divorce

Divorce is the most frequent issue arising in the practice of family law, and many individuals hire lawyers to handle divorce proceedings each year in Los Angeles. An extremely emotional and draining process, divorce is never pleasant, but with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, you will find it easier to get through this difficult time.

At our firm, we represent clients during divorces and for other legal issues that may stem from a divorce, such as child custody, child support and spousal support. Considering the many aspects of your life that can be affected by a divorce, it is a good idea to have an attorney supporting you and guiding you through the process to make sure that all of your bases are covered.

Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

There are many issues that will need to be settled when a couple makes the decision to get a divorce, and sometimes it can be difficult for a couple to come to agreements about these things on their own. Your Los Angeles divorce lawyer will be your advocate and will negotiate on your behalf to resolve whatever issues are in question. In amicable situations, this can be achieved through divorce mediation, or if things cannot be resolved easily, litigation may become necessary. Naturally, collaborative divorces are ideal, especially in situations involving children, but in emotionally charged environments this type of divorce is not always possible.

In many cases, taking a proactive approach to a divorce through such peaceful means is more beneficial to the outcome of the case. When spouses work with one another to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom, they most often are able to come to a flexible arrangement that suits both their needs. On the reverse side, a court ruling may be more restrictive and may not actually be as beneficial to both spouses and to the children involved.

Depending on the case, mediation may be a more time and cost-effective route to resolve your divorce and with the least amount of headache possible. This is why we always highly recommend divorce mediation for clients who are still on relatively amicable terms with their spouses.

Choose Our Successful Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles

When facing a situation like divorce, it is extremely important to have adequate legal support from a divorce attorney. Founding partner and attorney Lance Claery can help you through the process and seek a desirable resolution. With a lawyer to help you fill out and file the proper paperwork in an orderly fashion, you can focus on the things that really matter, like your loved ones and your new life.

If you are interested in learning more about your rights and how to approach your divorce, please take a moment to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney. In doing so, you can learn more about your options and how to move forward from here.

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