Los Angeles Domestic Partnership Attorneys

Representing Gay and Lesbian Couples throughout Los Angeles

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, we are very passionate about helping same-sex partners throughout Los Angeles and Southern California and have represented clients in all stages of life. We provide experienced legal counsel in all areas of California domestic partnership law, including:

  • Registering a domestic partnership
  • Terminating a domestic partnership
  • Dissolving a domestic partnership
  • Nullifying a domestic partnership
  • Separations for domestic partners
  • Child custody & visitation issues
  • Child support issues
  • Estate planning for domestic partners
  • Drafting of cohabitation agreements
  • Helping victims of same-sex domestic violence

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How can Claery & Hammond, LLP help?

It is very important for couples in committed same-sex relationships to be proactive and take the necessary steps to ensure their rights are protected. Unfortunately, the law is not automatically on your side, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways you can ensure you and your partner are legally protected. An experienced Los Angeles domestic partnership attorney at Claery & Hammond, LLP can help you take initiative by drawing up the necessary paperwork and advocating your rights at any and all legal hearings or proceedings.

Some of our clients are ready to register their domestic partnership with state, while others are interested in terminating or dissolving their partnership. We've also represented gay and lesbian clients in matters involving in child custody and visitation, palimony, estate planning and more. We are not just limited to one area of domestic partnership law, but on the contrary strive to provide a comprehensive range of services so we can better serve all our clientele.

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