How to Obtain a Post-Judgment Modification

It's natural for a divorced couple's circumstances to change after their divorce has been finalized. Depending on the change in circumstances, it may be necessary for one or both parties to change or modify a court order. Judges understand that people's circumstances change, and are usually willing to modify an order as long it does not compromise the best interest of any children and the changes in circumstances are "significant." For example, seeking a modification of a child support order after quitting your job is not likely to going to happen. However, if you show that you've been laid off and have been diligently looking for a new job but just haven't had any luck, the judge is more likely to lower your child support obligations.

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, we have experience representing clients throughout Southern California in all areas of family law, including post-judgment modifications. Whether you want to modify a child support order, a child custody order, an alimony order, or some type of marital contract or settlement agreement, an experienced Los Angeles divorce attorney at our office can assist you in filing the necessary paperwork and argue your case before the judge. Furthermore, we can also help you gather the documents and evidence that prove you have indeed experienced a significant change in circumstances, which might include a sudden job loss, physical injury or disability, family emergency, relocation, etc.

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