Facing an Action in Juvenile Dependency Court?

If you find yourself facing an action in Juvenile Dependency court it is most likely because you or your spouse has been accused of neglect, abandonment, being an unfit parent, or not being able to meet your child's needs. In an action like this that has a tremendous effect on child custody you need a strong advocate for your rights especially since this court is different and unique from other Superior Courts in California.

A Los Angeles Dependency Lawyer from Claery & Hammond, LLP can work hard to work with your assigned social worker, the children's attorney, and county counsel to navigate the confusing dependency court system so that your child is returned to you quickly. If you are a parent who feels that your child has been unfairly taken away from you due to a juvenile dependency matter, it is important that you acquire legal representation.

No matter what stage you are in your case an attorney who is experienced and knowledgable can help. You have a right to a trial where you can make your case, and a family law attorney will present with you in court. We understand that juvenile dependency is a sensitive matter and we are here to assist you.