Altering Child Support Agreements

Although it is not easy, changing your child support agreement can be accomplished with the right preparation and justification.

As the court keeps the best interests of the children above those of the parents, you will need to show that a great change in circumstance has led you to pursue child support modification. While there are no set rules to changing child support orders, a serious adjustment in circumstances could warrant a change, such as the need to move, job loss or impaired financial status.

When it comes to determining how much child support will be paid, your state may have certain guidelines that sway judges' decisions. In the case of California, the California Family Code section 4055 provides a calculator that judges use when determining the amount to be paid monthly in support. While you can access the calculator online, it is better to hire a Los Angeles family law attorney who can determine what amount your payment amounts should be.

Wondering how much child support you may be able to collect? Contact a Los Angeles child support attorney from our legal team who can review your case and perform calculations on your behalf.