Negotiating With your Co-Parent About School Issues

It is almost the middle of August, and school is almost in session. When the kids go back to school, it is important for co-parents to agree on which extra-curricular activities the children will be participating in. if your ex-spouse wants your child to be in musical theatre, but you would prefer that your children play soccer, it is important that you work out your differences promptly. It is very important that you work through all of these issues well in advance so that your child will not miss out on opportunities.

For the best interests of the child, it is always best for parents to meet and work through any questions regarding the upcoming school year. If you have a difficult time communicating with your ex-spouse, you may want to hire a mediator to attend your meeting and help you to work through specific arguments. If you and your spouse fail to agree, and instead attempt to enroll your child in opposing activities or sway the child one way or another, then the court may need to get involved.

In addition activities, it is important for parents to agree on their children's school curriculum. At some schools, the children are able to choose which books the will be using. High school students even get to choose their own classes. With parents' help, they will be able to make informed decisions that could benefit them in the future.

Don't hesitate to get a Claery & Hammond Los Angeles family attorney involved if you and your ex-spouse are unable to come to an agreement about issues regarding your child's school schedule. You may even need to get the courts involved if a noncustodial spouse is overstepping his or her boundaries and causing serious issues. Talk to the Los Angeles divorce attorneys at the firm today for more information!