Infant Child Visitation Laws

When the courts decide child custody and visitation, they normally consider what is best for the children and even request the child's opinion about whether or not he or she would like to continue a relationship with the child. Yet when a child is still an infant, it can be difficult to tell which parent should have custody or whether a parent should be allowed visitation. Normally, custody of infants is awarded to the mother in the relationship, especially if the child is still breastfeeding.

Most of the time, babies are placed with the mother because this is in their best interests in regards to their nutrition and feeding cycle. The court may grant the father the right to visit the infant during this time and may revisit child custody once the infant has grown and is no longer dependent on the mother for feeding.

There are no set laws that determine how long a father's visitation of his infant should be, and each state has their own preferences on this issue. Parents normally need to work out a reasonable visitation schedule that is in line with the court order. If the visitations happen without the mother present, the courts normally try to make them short so that the child will not be distressed about the separation.

It is very important for fathers to spend time with their infants even if their mother has custody, as the need to learn to recognize their parent and identify him as their father. Visits should occur at both parent's homes so that the child will be comfortable in both environments. If you are a father that is seeking visitation with your infant child, a Los Angeles family attorney can help you to work through any complications. Hire Claery & Hammond to get attentive and compassionate representation today!