Implications of Remarriage on Divorce Benefits

Are you a divorcee currently receiving spousal support or benefitting from an ex-spouse's Social Security payments, medical coverage, or more? If so, then you need to seriously reconsider remarrying if you find someone that you would like to spend the rest of your life with. While there is certainly nothing wrong with remarrying, it will discontinue many of the payments that you may still be receiving as the result of a past divorce. Oftentimes, child support will not discontinue unless your new spouse adopts the children, becoming their legal and rightful parent.

All spousal support costs, benefits, and medical coverage or other extensive benefits will be terminated because a new spouse will assume the responsibility to provide all of the benefits. If you do not mind losing these payments, then you are at liberty to remarry. If you are concerned about losing these benefits, then you will first want to consult with a Los Angeles family attorney about the effects of a remarriage. You may want to consider a domestic partnership or civil union of sorts instead and opt to hold off on the remarriage until you are in a more financially stable situation.

A lawyer at Claery & Hammond, LLP can sit down with you and lay out all the different conditions that would be affected should you choose to remarry. You may choose to forego all current payments from an ex in order to be with your loved one, or an attorney may help you to come up with a comparable solution. Don't hesitate to contact the firm right away for more information about this situation. With the right attorney on your side you won't have to worry about mistakes that could cost you excessively. Instead, you can go into a new marriage confident that you have explored the options available and made an informed decision.