What Is Summary Dissolution?

In California, there is a legal action known as a summary dissolution. This is a legal dissolution of a marriage that has only been legal for five years or less.

Who Can File for Summary Dissolution?

A joint petition for summary of dissolution can be filed with either spouse meets the standard residency requirement or the marriage is irretrievably broken because of irreconcilable differences. A summary dissolution can also be filed when the marriage does not involve any children and the wife is not pregnant.

Also, if neither spouse owns real estate and there are not unpaid debts by either spouse that are greater than $4,000, then this will help to qualify a couple for summary dissolution. Summary dissolution is only permitted if the total value of the community property is less than $25,000 and neither spouse has separate property except for possible cars and loans that is greater than $25,000.

These dissolutions are also only permitted if the spouses have already reached an agreement about the division and distribution of all shared assets and liabilities without the need for court mediation. Both spouses are required to waive their right ot maintenance and appeal in the case, and both need to read a brochure from start to finish that explains the summary dissolution process. After this, both spouses simply need to explain their desire to end the marriage, and it can be concluded promptly.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Summary Dissolution

Attorneys are not required for a summary dissolution, but you may want to speak with a family law professional before deciding on this process. Most summary dissolution choices are irreversible, so you cannot negotiate for a different outcome after the summary has concluded.

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