Five Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

If you are considering a DIY divorce, we would challenge you to think again. Navigating the many avenues of divorce can be complicated and you may want a professional there to guide you and help you through your case. There are a variety of reasons that a Los Angeles divorce attorney can be an invaluable asset in your case. For one, a divorce attorney can offer expert advice. You may not understand the ins and outs of familylaw, but an attorney can look at your situation and know what laws apply.

An attorney may be able to work to make sure that you receive retirement funds or other income from an ex-spouse in the future and may be able to resolve complications. Also, a divorce attorney understands how to work through child custody and child support issues and will do so in your stead.

In addition to being a wealth of knowledge, an attorney can reduce stress during the divorce. Divorce is always a stressful time for those involved, but an attorney can help deal with the legalities of the process so that you can cope with the emotional effects. An attorney can also help you to avoid mistakes.

If you are doing a DIY divorce, this is a chance that you could mess up on paperwork or fail to disclose details about your marriage because you didn't know that they were required. You may simply forget to address an important issue such as medical debt, or you may overestimate the value of an asset. Most of these mistakes can be effectively avoided, and all you have to do is hire a divorce attorney to help you with your case.

Also, a divorce attorney can ensure that you have a clear and binding agreement with your spouse that won't be broken or contested later on. The court is permitted to review any divorce documents that you present but an attorney can create documents that specifically state your wishes. Lastly, hiring a divorce attorney can help you to avoid delays. When you are doing a DIY divorce, the court may not be motivated to move your process alone.

With a divorce attorney on your side, you may be able to push the process along faster. Learn more by contacting a Los Angeles divorce lawyer at Claery & Hammond, LLP today! The dedicated attorneys at this firm want to help you to get the solid divorce that you desire. Don't hesitate to ask the firm to come alongside you throughout the process and make sure that your divorce concludes the way that you would like it to. Call the firm today to start your divorce process with a free case evaluation!