Easter Child Visitations or Custody

Easter is considered a national holiday and is an iconic and special day to spend time with your children. Have you arranged a child custody or visitation plan for this special day? If you have not, then you may want to consider contacting a Los Angeles family attorney right away to make sure that you have a satisfactory plan in place. Without a lawyer there to help you, you and your ex may end up in a contentious battle over who gets the children on this special holiday.

Normally, spouses are required to determine who has the children on this holiday by writing it into their divorce decree. This typically means that spouses will alternate holidays or determine who gets the children on what holidays each year. In most divorce arrangements, if you have the children this Easter, your spouse will have them next Easter. Some spouses who are still amicable may be able to spend the holidays together with their children. In other situations, spouses may decide to split time with the children 50/50 over the holiday. If you want more information about arranging a child custody or visitation schedule for this next weekend, talk with the team at Claery & Hammond today.