Mediators Are not the Same as Judges

Are you considering divorce mediation? If so, it is important to know how the mediation process works. With mediation, you will hire a professional mediator that will meet with you and your spouse together. The goal of the meeting(s) is to hash out a comprehensive divorce settlement that can be filed with the court in order to finalize a divorce. With a mediator, you can determine child custody, child support, spousal support, property division and more without ever battling over these issues in court. You and your spouse will have to work together and strive for collaborative success in order to divorce using a mediator.

Mediators are not the same as judges. Many people assume that a court-appointed mediator has the power to approve or disapprove different divorce plans, but this isn't true. A mediator can only provide professional guidance and assistance and help you to create a comprehensive plan. This plan will then be submitted to the courts. Once the plan has been submitted to the courts, a judge will approve or disapprove the plan as he or she sees fit. Mediators are considered to be objective third parties that are working to facilitate negotiation.

It is very important to remember that a mediator has not authority to make you or your spouse to anything. You do not have to concede to a mediator's suggestions, and do not have to submit a plan if you don't agree with it. The mediator cannot enforce a plan for you because he or she has not authority from the courts to do so. Call today to talk with a skilled Los Angeles divorce attorney about the benefits of mediators and what powers mediators have. Call the firm today!