Characteristics to look for in your Divorce Attorney

Since going through divorce is overwhelming in itself, it is essential to ensure the lawyer you work with is one you trust. Whether your divorce can be resolved collaboratively, through mediation, or must be handled via litigation in court, make sure you are working with an attorney that truly cares about bettering your situation.

If you are considering hiring a divorce lawyer, ensure they possess the following qualities:

  1. Are they approachable? Work with an attorney that is easy to talk to, readily available, and responsive.
  2. Are they proactive? Rather than reacting to the opposing counsel's requests, a proactive lawyer will already have a strategy prepared that requires the response of the other party.
  3. Are they willing to negotiate? Lawyers that go the extra mile to help their clients obtain favorable settlements outside of the courtroom can greatly simplify the divorce process. In doing so, they are saving the client the hassle of having to spend the time, money, and energy associated with going to court.
  4. Are they assertive? Assertive attorneys are confident, but not conceited. If the attorney has plenty of experience, they will have the ability to demonstrate confidence in the courtroom.
  5. Do they have problem-solving skills? If you expect your attorney to help you come up with an effective strategy, they will need to possess problem-solving skills. They can negotiate on your behalf, but also will not hesitate to take your case to trial if need be.

Our Los Angeles divorce attorneys know what it takes to successfully help a client get through their divorce. We have earned a respected reputation for our professionalism and legal ability, and are prepared to assist you as well. Give Claery & Hammond firm a call today to find out more about working with our team.