What You Should Know About Paying a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can take a financial toll on each of the parties in the split. Knowing what to expect when you hire a divorce lawyer can help avoid added stress that comes from worrying about finances during a divorce. There are a few different things to keep in mind as you decide who you hire for your divorce case.

Finding an Affordable Divorce Lawyer

Not every attorney will offer a free consultation. The consultation fee may differ from the divorce attorney fees, adding even more expenses on your plate. The divorce lawyers at Claery & Hammond always offer the first consultation for a divorce case free of charge in order to best assist you in your divorce!

After the initial consultation, there is a space to ask your attorney whether there may be a flat fee option available for your case. If the divorce in uncomplicated, uncontested, or has most of the paperwork already completed, your attorney may be able to offer you this option. Keep in mind that the attorney has more insight on the amount of work that goes into a divorce case, so even if a case seems simple, this flat fee option may not be offered.

What if litigation is required?

If the divorce is more complicated, the lawyer may require to be paid an hourly wage that increases if litigation is necessary. The amount charged by your lawyer will depend on the retainer paid for an initial guaranteed amount of time.

After the divorce is settled, two financial aspects are worth noting. First, contingency, or when a lawyer is paid out of the winnings of a case, is unethical in divorce cases. A divorce attorney must be paid out of pocket. Second, the fee for each lawyer is paid for by those that hired them. One spouse is not responsible for covering the cost of the other's lawyer, except for in rare circumstances.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney, our law firm can help! Claery & Hammond offer free consultations for those going through a divorce. Don't hesitate to call today.