What to Know About Your Custody Battle

When getting a divorce, one of the most common concerns for parents is what will happen to the kids. Kids are often at the center of the divorce process, and their custody will also help determine child support and alimony, as well as some aspects of property division. When it comes to child custody, a parent's worst fear is that they will no longer be able to see their children.

How can I remain calm during my custody battle?

While losing custody of a child is a legitimate fear, it is important to remember that it is a common fear. Working with lawyers, social workers, and mediators can help put some of these concerns in perspective and allow parents to realize that as long as the child's safety is not in question, the court will seek to divide the child's time between their parents as evenly as possible.

Things to keep in mind during a custody battle:

  • Skeletons in the closet are unlikely to have an effect on the custody case if they happened before the child was even born
  • The court will always rule in the best interests of the child, which generally means which custody agreement will establish the most stability
  • Working with a mediator can make the custody battle a lot easier
  • Stay calm and focused for the best possible outcome

Utilizing a support system and learning from other families that have gone through divorce may help ease some of the concerns a parent has about their upcoming custody battle. Keeping in mind that a custody arrangement is in no way permanent can also help. If the custody agreement does not work for the parents, they can always ask to have the agreement altered at a later date.