Breadwinners and Custody: the Common Correlation

According to The Guardian, the breadwinner in any given family probably won't get the children in a child custody debate. In a nation where more and more women are becoming breadwinners for their families, this means that in many situations fathers are able to keep custody of the children while the mother works and pays child support. This arrangement also works the other way around, with the father earning the money and the mother keeping and caring for the children full time.

Traditionally, women often stayed home with the children while a father became the breadwinner for the family. This has change drastically, and now there are many combinations of breadwinners and homemakers that make a home work the way that it is supposed to. For example, a mother may be offered a high-paying job in a field that she loves. As a result, she may decide to take the job, leaving her husband home with the children when he loses his position at his company.

Eventually, this may result in a fight that could lead to divorce. At this point, the woman who is currently making money for the family may discover that she in danger of losing custody of her children. She has been allowing them to stay with their father full-time for so long, and has a high earning capacity. As a result, the court may determine that it is best for the children to remain with their father while the mother continues to make money and support the children with child support installments.

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