Divorce and Adoption

Individuals who adopt often don't anticipate the fact that they may go through a divorce in the future. Yet adoptive parents do commonly go through divorces. If a child has already been officially adopted, then the child custody arrangements will be dealt with just as if the child was biological. Yet if the child is currently a foster care placement, and is not officially adopted by the parents, this can become complicated in the midst of a divorce.

If an adoption is not final, then the court has the right to decide which parent should finalize the placement as the marriage dissolves. The recommendation of the adoption agency is an important factor in the decision. A parent who wishes to adopt as the single parent should make sure that the agency is aware of the fact that the divorce is taking place. If the agency can give a high recommendation of the parent, the this can help to prove that that parent deserves custody.

Divorce does not have an effect on a person's ability to adopt again. Typically, adoption agencies cannot restrict a single parent's right to adopt again simply based on their relationship status. As long as the adoption agency feels an individual can be a good parent, divorces are not a major factor. Some international adoption agencies will prohibit adoptions by single, divorced, or re-married persons, but you will want to discuss this with your agency.

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