Do You Need a Divorce Financial Planner?

It may be necessary for you to hire a financial expert to assist you as you work through your divorce case. A divorce financial planner can work hand-in-hand with your divorce attorney to make sure that you take care of the important financial aspects of your separation from your spouse. Normally, a financial planner will take care of any tasks that are beyond the scope of your attorney's expertise. This can be anything from preparing financial affidavits to projecting the financial and tax implications of each divorce settlement option.

The best divorce financial planners have a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation. Forbes suggests that you avoid hiring any financial planner, CPA, or accountant to do this for you. You need someone who is specialized in divorce and understands how divorce will change your financial planning strategies or how this requires specific asset protection. A divorce financial planner may also suggest that you hire a forensic accountant, a valuation expert, and a real estate appraiser to help you in working through your case. With these professionals on your side, you may be able to arrive at a satisfactory property division and will know how to file taxes or take care of other financial situations after the divorce is final.

Following the divorce, these professionals can help you to organize your finances and work through any child support or spousal support arrangements. At Claery & Hammond, we can take care of the legal side of your divorce and let you know whether or not your situation calls for the need of a divorce financial planner. You can trust us to give you reliable and sound advice concerning your divorce and to work towards the goal of a sound and solid separation. Don't hesitate to call us today to learn more!