All about the Tender Years Doctrine

The Tender Years Doctrine is an old-fashioned understanding that during a child's infancy he or she should be placed with the mother if a custody situation should arise. This is an old doctrine that many people mistakenly believe is still an effective argument in current divorce custody cases. While it is true that nursing mothers may have an advantage over a father in a custody situation when the child is not yet weaned, after this stage the courts can no longer take gender into account when deciding where to place the children after a divorce.

If you are a father that is seeking custody of your children in a divorce, then you shouldn't hesitate to fight for your father's rights and work towards getting the custody that you believe you deserve. The courts are only allowed to decide a child's custody plan when working in the child's best interests. The courts will look at whether or not the child has a thriving relationship with the child and whether or not each parent has the ability to provide for the child in a satisfactory way.

If one parent cannot provide for the child but would be a better caretaker, the court has the right to mandate that the other spouse pay child support to cover all expenses. If you have been injured and need assistance, then you need to contact an attorney at the firm today to learn more. With the right lawyer on your side, you can be sure that you are getting the assistance that you need in your case.

Don't hesitate to contact a lawyer to assert your ability to be a custodial parent. The courts also will look at whether or not you are fit to parent the children. You may want an attorney who can collect testimonies and referrals and vouch for your ability to lead the children. Hire a Los Angeles divorce lawyer today to learn more.