Sharing Holidays Post-Divorce

If you have children, you know how special it is to be present when they experience exciting holidays. One of the landmark holidays in America is coming up this week: Independence Day. If you are planning on spending the holiday with your children and your ex-spouse, you will want to keep some valuable tips in mind.

  1. Focus on the children: if you are planning to spend time with your ex-spouse and the kids in a visitation setting, it is important to focus on the kids. Don't let tension between you and your ex-spouse darken the mood of the festive holiday. Children want their parents to be together on an exciting day such as this, and an amicable meeting can help them to enjoy Independence Day even more.
  2. Discuss the plan beforehand: The worst thing you can do when spending time with your kids and ex-spouse is just to show up unannounced. Instead, you should call your ex far in advance and discuss the plan for this holiday. Make sure to show up at the right location on time and discuss how you can amicably strive to make your children feel comfortable on the holiday.
  3. Respect boundaries and time frames: You may have agreed on a specific time frame for visitation or custody during Independence Day when you created your divorce decree. This decision is court-enforceable. Make sure you abide by any terms in the divorce decree in order to maintain good standing with the court.
  4. If you have a restraining order, don't show up: If you have a restraining order against you because of alleged domestic violence, it is highly recommended you stay away from your family, even on a special holiday. If you are the parent who requested a restraining order and your ex-spouse arrives at a holiday get-together, you have the right to call the authorities and seek arrest.

If you want more information about time-sharing on the Fourth of July and how to facilitate a happy holiday for the kids post-divorce, don't hesitate to call the firm today for more information!