Wording Your Divorce Decree Correctly

When you are creating a divorce decree, the wording is essential. At Claery & Hammond, our highly experienced team is focused on helping you to get the satisfactory divorce decree that you deserve that leaves you with absolute certainty of a solid divorce.

One of the most important things to watch out for when creating a divorce decree is ambiguous language. If you use vague phrases that can be widely interpreted, it can wreak havoc on your divorce. Your spouse may indicate that the broad wording means something very different from the original intention.

For example, if you put a clause in your divorce decree saying that you will pay alimony to your spouse as needed, this can become a difficult issue. This is because your spouse may interpret the phrase “as needed” to mean that anything below his or her former standard of living would require alimony. The petitioning spouse may insist that as needed referred to in times of desperate need.

Couples can get caught up in court battles over ambiguous language for months. If you want to save money and time in your divorce, write the petition correctly the first time with the help of a trained and schooled professional. At Claery & Hammond, our lawyers have experience and a track record of success. They can confidently approach your case, helping you to craft a divorce petition that includes all the clauses and arrangements you want, but puts them in clear, succinct language that leaves no room for wild interpretations.

Remember that your spouse probably has a divorce attorney too, who will read through the petition looking for any holes. That is why the wording of your divorce decree is intensely important. Call a divorce attorney in Los Angeles today to get started on your petition!