Keys to a Friendly Divorce

Divorce impacts more than just the couple, it affects their children, family and friends. The best way to minimize the negative and long-term consequences of a divorce is to consciously have an amicable one. But you're going to have to work at it.

An amicable divorce is where the couple can talk things through and reach an agreement regarding property and debt division and child custody. When you and your spouse can talk to each other calmly and rationally, it's the best that you can possibly hope for.

As you likely already know, for most divorcing couples, an amicable divorce isn't something that comes naturally. Rather, it's something that they have to agree upon at the outset. They will actually have a conversation that goes something like this, "Let's agree to handle this like adults, with no hard feelings."

An amicable divorce is something that both of you intentionally decide, and actively work towards throughout the divorce process and after the ink has dried on the divorce papers.

Whether one of you had a year-long affair, or you were more like roommates than sweethearts, or if a pregnancy made you feel pressured to marry the wrong person, whatever the reason for the divorce, you can still decide to avoid an ugly divorce, especially if you have children.

Even if your marriage was rocky, you want to think about the welfare of your children because they're more important than anything. If you look, you'll find examples of parents who managed amicable divorces, and they're children are much better off because of it.

If possible, give your children the benefits of an amicable divorce. Make sure that they feel safe and loved by both of you, and not as if they're being put in the middle of a battlefield.

One of the major keys to an amicable divorce is forgiveness. Ask your spouse for forgiveness for your transgressions, and forgive him or her for theirs.

Of course, having a good divorce depends on both spouses, it takes two. But if you both agree to treat each other with respect, things will only be easier.

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