California's 'Simple' Divorce

Every marriage is unique, as are the assets and debts that belong to each married couple. Some couples have more assets than others, hence their divorces are more complex. Meanwhile, other couples have yet to accumulate measurable assets, so naturally their divorce would be less complicated.

Since the complexity of divorces can vary drastically, it makes sense to ask, "Is there a simplified process?" Yes, there is and in California this is called summary dissolution. But not every married couple qualifies.

A summary dissolution is favorable for some couples because they are not required to appear in court, and there is less paperwork involved.

Requirements for a Summary Dissolution

If you and your spouse agree to how you're going to divide your assets and debts, and the following requirements are met, you may qualify for a summary dissolution:

  • You have not been married longer than 5 years.
  • You and your spouse have no children together.
  • Neither you, nor your spouse own a home or any real estate.
  • The value of your community property (marital property) is under $25,000, excluding the value of your automobiles.
  • Combined, you and your spouse don't have more than $4,000 in debt, except for auto loans.
  • You and your spouse agree to waive spousal support.

In order for you to obtain a summary dissolution, you and your spouse must agree to the terms of your divorce. Also, if you have a change of heart about the agreement, you have every right to cancel the summary dissolution before it is finalized.

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