Don't Want to Pay Spousal Support?

When people are in unhappy marriages, sometimes they hang on longer than they'd like because the "timing" just never seems right. That can especially be the case when the children are young, or when one of the spouses have spent years as a homemaker or stay-at-home mom or dad.

In this situation, both the employed spouse and unemployed spouse may have qualms about calling it quits. The employed spouse is worried about paying spousal support and the unemployed spouse is concerned about re-entering the workforce and having difficulty finding a well-paying job.

So, sometimes couples decide to drag out their unsatisfying relationships. The employed husband or wife continues to support their spouse in an effort to NOT pay spousal support, while the unemployed spouse, who's often caring for the couple's kids, doesn't file for divorce out of fear of sacrificing their quality of life and settling for a low-paying job.

Helping Your Spouse Get a Job

It's not easy to be the spouse who has sacrificed critical career-building years while raising a family. These individuals have allowed their spouse to work while they stayed home to care for the home and children. When they're faced with divorce, they're left without the necessary professional skills to fall back on.

This creates a "lose-lose situation" for unhappy couples.

We have had many clients in this situation, and it's not a nice place for them to be. If you don't want to pay spousal support, then commit some time and effort, maybe even money, into supporting your soon-to-be ex as they build skills and attain a good employment situation.

By helping your spouse gain the education, training and job skills necessary to survive well as a single person, you are helping you both enjoy a happier future sooner rather than later.

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