Should I File for Divorce in the Summer?

If you are considering ending your marriage, there is a strong possibility that you will put some thought into the “timing” of the divorce, especially if you have children with your spouse.

Do spouses try to time their divorce around holidays, weddings, family reunions, and the like? Absolutely, and if you’re ready to call it quits sooner than later, you may be wondering if now is the right time to file, or if you should wait until the fall.

We don’t have a “one size fits all” answer to this question because each couple’s family and schedules are different. Some families feel that the summer is the perfect time to end their marriage, while others want to wait until the children are back in school.

If you’re considering filing for divorce during the summer, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do we have summer vacation plans as a family?
  • Would it be better for my children to have the whole summer to readjust to our split?
  • Would divorcing during school be harder or easier on my children?
  • Would work be a good distraction if I file for divorce in the fall?
  • Would it be better for me to split during the summer, when I can take some time off work?
  • Should we have one last vacation as a family before we file for divorce?

If you have children, the timing around your divorce may be centered on them and their needs. If you do not have children, or if they are grown, then it may make sense to file for divorce sooner than later.

As you reflect on the “timing” of your impending divorce, we suggest that you think about your family, planned vacations, family visits, your work, and other scheduling factors during the summer months.

For some, there’s no better time to file for divorce than in the summer, while for others it makes sense to file in September, before the holidays are in full swing.

If you need advice on how to time your divorce, don’t hesitate to contact our Los Angeles divorce firm for a free, confidential consultation.