Achieve an Amicable Divorce With Mediation

Divorce has a way of striking fear in the calmest of individuals, and understandably so. Couples have a lot to lose if they don’t play their cards right. A contested divorce can mean a loss of dignity and respect. It can mean you lose your friends, a lot of money, and worst of all, it can affect family relationships.

But divorce doesn’t have to end that way. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex don’t see eye-to-eye right now on topics such as child custody or asset division, that does not mean you have to have a judge who doesn’t know you decide on these issues for you.

In the absence of domestic violence, it often makes more sense to resolve disputes outside of court. By taking this approach, you will save time and money. More importantly, resolving your split with your spouse on your own terms can greatly minimize the negative impact of your divorce.

If you want to reach a divorce settlement without court intervention, what is the best way to go about doing that? In this post, we are going to discuss the option of divorce mediation – an excellent option for couples who are willing to cooperate with each other to achieve an amicable divorce.

Why choose divorce mediation?

Do you and your spouse want to try and make your divorce as easy and smooth as possible, regardless of your differences? If so, divorce mediation may be the best approach. With mediation, our divorce mediator (who is impartial), helps you reach an agreement that you both find satisfactory.

Our mediator helps you and your spouse talk through your issues in a way that helps you settle your disputes in a reasonable manner. The mediator does not make decisions for you. Rather, you and your spouse only reach an agreement if you both agree on the terms.

As experienced divorce mediators and attorneys, we understand the laws and how your decisions will impact your future. That being said, we see mediation as the most cost-effective way to achieve a less stressful, amicable divorce where you are in control and not the judge.

To find out if divorce mediation is right for you, contact Claery & Hammond, LLPfor a free consultation!