Don't Let Social Media Derail Your Divorce!

How many social media accounts do you have right now? If you’re like many adults, you have a Facebook and Instagram account. You may even have a Twitter account and be on Snapchat. Professionally, you’re probably on LinkedIn and maybe Google +.

How many times a day do you check your Facebook and Instagram feeds? How many times do you post every week, or every day? If you’re “plugged in” like many of us are, you have to pay special attention to what you say and do during your divorce proceedings.

Unfortunately, people are so much in the habit of being on social media that they can...get sloppy for lack of better words and it can hurt their divorce. This is a huge concern because social media evidence can be used against you in your divorce. It happens every day and virtually every practicing divorce attorney in the United States knows this.

How to ‘Behave’ on Social Media During Divorce

When you post on social media it’s like your life is under a microscope. If you think that making your profile private and defriending and blocking your spouse is enough to protect you, you’re mistaken. Usually, someone will slip through the cracks – a mutual friend or a family member who can “keep tabs” of your posts and report back to your soon-to-be ex.

The best advice is to hibernate and go off social media until your divorce is final, but we know that’s easier said than done. You may want to post pics of your daughter’s dance recital, videos of your son’s football game, or just pics of how much weight you lost since you separated (we all do it).

If taking a social media hiatus isn’t in the cards, here’s our advice on how to behave on social media:

  • Do not change your status on Facebook from “married” to single until you are officially divorced. Doing so would be disrespectful to your marriage.
  • Avoid posting any pics of you drinking alcohol or partying.
  • Avoid posting pics of you at a bar or nightclub.
  • Do NOT rant about your divorce, your spouse’s attorney, or the judge on social media, period.
  • Do NOT badmouth your husband or wife on social media.
  • Avoid posting pics of you on a lavish vacation or making any big purchases. Sorry, no new car pics.
  • Do not post pics of your dates until after you’re actually divorced.
  • If you have to think, “Should I post this?” stop and don’t do it. It’s better to be safe than sorry any day.

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