International Parental Kidnapping in San Diego

Are you married to someone who’s from another country and now you’re afraid that he or she will flee the country with your children? Or, are you concerned that your soon-to-be ex is planning on abducting your children to another country?

When a parent or someone acting on their behalf takes a child to another country without the other parent’s consent, it’s called an “abduction” or “parental kidnapping.” If you believe your child is at risk, there are steps you can take now to prevent the abduction.

Take these steps immediately:

  • Contact a family law attorney about obtaining a court order. The police may not be able to help you unless you obtain a court order that prohibits your son or daughter from leaving the United States. A court order preventing your minor child from travelling outside the country will give law enforcement more power to prevent your spouse from abducting your child.
  • As soon as the court order is in your hands, contact the local police and inform them of the court order and the possibility of an international parental child abduction.
  • If your spouse has abducted your child, ask the police to immediately enter your child’s information in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database; this way the highway patrol and state troopers can assist in searching for your child.
  • If your spouse has your child, contact the airlines and airport police stationed at the departing airport, if you suspect which airport it may be. When you contact the airlines, ask for the airline corporate security officer, and explain the situation.

To learn about the laws that protect you, including the Hague Abduction Convention, the International Child Abduction Remedies Act, and the International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act, click here.

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With San Diego being so close to the Mexican border, a lot of parents fear that their spouse will abduct their children and flee to Mexico, especially when the individual fleeing may be a Mexican citizen. If you fear an international abduction, contact our San Diego divorce firm to explore your legal options.