How Long Do I Have to Wait after Divorce to Remarry in California?

Divorce can be somewhat of a formality for some people. In their minds and hearts, the relationship they once shared with their spouse is all but disintegrated. They may have found someone who rekindled their passion while the divorce process was ongoing, or perhaps another lover is the underlying reason for the divorce.

Either way, people can be eager to enter a new marriage even as they just emerge from a prior one. So, is it really a matter of a hop, skip, and a jump to end their marriage and start another? How soon after divorce can people get remarried in California?

Divorce Must Be Finalized First

Regardless of how soon someone can get remarried, their divorce must be finalized before they ever walk down the aisle again. This seems like it should go without saying, but because bigamy is a crime that’s punishable in California by up to three years in prison, we feel it’s prudent to point this out.

Divorcees Must Wait Six Months after Serving Papers to Remarry

Unfortunately for those who are ready, willing, and able to move on quickly, California law requires a bit of a cool-down period before either divorcee can tie the knot with a new partner.

At a minimum, people must wait six months from the date that the party that filed for divorce served the other party with divorce papers. That means the clock starts ticking before the divorce is finalized, not after.

Divorce Will Probably Take Longer Than Six Months

Whether or not six months sounds like a long or short waiting period, chances are people will have to wait longer than that to remarry.

Although not true in every case, divorce can often take longer than six months from service until the court issues a judgment of dissolution. On the bright side, that means no additional waiting may be required to get remarried.

Are You Trying to Deal with Divorce?

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