Child Custody Move Away Requests

If you are considering moving out of the state of California with your child (a "move away" request) and the other parent does not agree, or if you are trying to prevent a move away, then a great deal of care must be taken to further your custody cause.

Regardless of which side you are on, it is important to talk to a family law attorney who has experience both obtaining move away orders and preventing them. There are specific factors a judge must consider. Helpful facts pertaining to your position must be presented to the court and the opposing argument must be anticipated and refuted. A family law lawyer will know what facts to cherry pick and present to the court. Perhaps even more importantly, he or she will know which statements to avoid in a party's pleadings-sometimes common sense and legal sense do not match up.

Any order pertaining to a move away request will have a dramatic effect on both parties and on their child(ren)'s relationships and lives. An experienced family law lawyer can help a great deal.

Lance Claery, Partner
Claery & Hammond, LLP