Going Through a Difficult Divorce?

Going through a difficult divorce? Disagreeing with your ex about child custody and visitation? Dealing with domestic violence? Ending a domestic partnership? Fighting over child support or spousal support? If you are going through any type of family law litigation, you may feel stressed, anxious or even scared. It is important that you look out for your overall well being during this time in your life. It is critical that you find an attorney you feel comfortable with and trust to help you get through your legal matter. You and your attorney should have an open line of communication and you should know that they understand your position and goals. This will help take away a great deal of the stress you are feeling. This will also provide you some time to focus on yourself.

So what else can you do to get through this difficult time? Encourage yourself to participate in the hobbies and activities you enjoy. Perhaps you could read an inspiring book, take a class to learn something you've always been interested in, go to a museum and appreciate the artwork or even take up a new hobby. If you are feeling stressed you may want to talk to a counselor to learn tools to deal with the stress. Also, focus on keeping healthy. Chris Keith, a personal trainer and fitness instructor (http://www.crossfit619.com), states that a healthy diet along with exercise may help improve one's health, increase self esteem and even reduce stress. (Of course you should always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen and/or changing your diet). Most importantly, keep in mind that this time of transition will not last forever.

You will get through this.

Lance Claery
Partner, Claery & Hammond, LLP