Divorce Facts vs. Myths (Continued)

As a continuation of the previous article involving divorce facts and myths, here are a few more common ones.

Divorce Myth #3

"A good way to reduce the chances of eventually divorcing is to live together before marriage."

Fact: Quite the contrary, numerous studies have found that those who live together before marriage have a considerably higher chance of eventually divorcing. The reasons for this are not particularly understood. Some people think there is evidence that the act of cohabitation itself generates attitudes in people that are more conducive to divorce, for example the attitude that relationships are temporary and easily can be ended.

Divorce Myth #4

"Unhappiness in the marriage at certain points is a good sign that the marriage will eventually end in up divorce."

Fact: By far the great majority of marriages have both ups and downs, just like in normal life. Every day is not going to be a "wonderful" day. According to recent research using a large national sample, it was found that 86 percent of people who were unhappily married in the late 1980s, and stayed with the marriage, indicated that they were happier when interviewed five years later. Three fifths of the formerly unhappily married couples rated their marriages as either "very happy" or "quite happy."

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