Divorce Facts vs. Myths

According to an article written by David Popenoe covering facts, vs. myths pertaining to divorce, the following are a few of the more common myths and facts concerning this most popular subject. We will discuss just a few of them in this writing.

Divorce Myth #1

"Second marriages tend to be more successful than first marriages because people learn from their bad experiences."

The Fact: Although many people who divorce have successful second (or even third) marriages, the divorce rate of remarriages is in fact higher than that of first marriages.

Divorce Myth #2

"Having a child together will help prevent divorce and enable a couple to improve their marital satisfaction."

Fact: Numerous studies have shown that the most stressful time in a marriage is after the first child is born. There is only a slightly decreased risk of divorce for couples who have children compared to couples without children, but the decreased risk is far less than it used to be when parents with marital problems were more likely to stay together "for the sake of the children."

More divorce facts vs. myths to come soon.

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