Protect Yourself with a Prenuptial Agreement!

If you are planning to get married, there are great benefits to drafting a prenuptial agreement.

Many people assume that prenuptial agreements are only for the wealthy. In reality, any person can benefit from having a prenuptial agreement on file. Filing a prenuptial agreement basically allows the parties to pre-determine how their assets and property will be divided if their marriage comes to an end. However, prenuptial agreements do more than just protect money and assets in the event of a divorce. They are also effective tools for detailing a couple's wishes regarding how they would like child custody and visitation to be arranged, as well as regarding how and how much alimony will be paid.

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, we know that filing a prenuptial agreement can be a touchy subject to discuss with your fiancé. Let's face it, the last thing you want to discuss right before getting married is what you would do if you got divorced. While this is completely understandable, trust us when we say that even though this conversation might be uncomfortable, it is an important one have. Without having a prenuptial agreement in place, your marital assets will be subject to equal distribution laws. And because California divides marital property equally, you might lose a great deal of money in the divorce or your spouse may be awarded a treasured piece of property.

Filing a prenuptial agreement is easy. Simply call Claery & Hammond to arrange a consultation with an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney who can customize your agreement to your particular needs and wishes, and then file the necessary paperwork with the court to ensure your agreement goes into effect.

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