Basics of Spousal Support

Alimony in California is referred to as spousal support. It is money that one spouse pays to the other to help support them after a divorce. The spouse receiving such support is required to pay federal and state income taxes on whatever they receive, and the spouse making such payments is entitled to a tax deduction. A Los Angeles divorce lawyer should be consulted to verify that the orders are drafted correctly, ensuring that such deductions can be made legally.

If neither party currently needs spousal support, either can ask the judge to reserve jurisdiction to order spousal support at a future date, such as when a job is lost or health deteriorates. Again, a judge will be more likely to grant this if the marriage has lasted over ten years. Under some circumstances, the person receiving support may go back to court to ask for a change in the amount of support. A judge can also order a wage assignment so that a spouse's employer pays spousal support directly.

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