How Can Divorce Mediation Help?

Often times, when people are going through a divorce, they find that they cannot come to an agreement on the issues that matter most. For example, spouses may have heated battles over who should have custody of the children or who should have to pay child support. These battles can go on for weeks, months and even years and are never productive.

Instead of dealing with constant disputes, spouses can go through divorce mediation. During divorce mediation, spouses will meet with a "mediator" who will listen to each person's side of the story and work to mediate through areas of contention. The mediator will also help spouses reach amicable solutions and agreements that not only benefit both parties, but expedite divorce proceedings.

As you can see, divorce mediation can be a great option for spouses who need third party intervention. The key is finding a mediator that is not bias, knowledgeable, experienced and local.

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